Corporate Culture

The corporate culture describes the values, basic principles and attitudes that make up an organisation. It controls orientation and decisions, provides guidance to the organisation, describes cooperation and interaction, and guides employees and managers to achieve company goals within their own responsibility.

We support you in developing an authentic and effective corporate culture with which your employees can identify and which your managers exemplify.

Facts and Figures

In every company, there is a corporate culture, because culture develops wherever people interact with each other. Influencing this and developing a uniform culture that is lived by everyone and that supports the success of the company is the hallmark of a successful company.

The corporate mission statement is the anchoring of the corporate culture in an organisation. If I ask one of your employees to tell me the vision or mission statement, do I get a satisfactory reply? If the answer to this question is "no", then the mission statement is nothing more than hollow words. It is completely ineffective, because employees do not live their daily work according to it, i.e. they do not work in the spirit of the company's goals.

The mission statement sets the direction and goal of the company, yet most employees do not know it and therefore, the personal goal or the goal of the department is more important than the company's overall goal. In other words, silos are created that often work against rather than with each other for a common goal.

Way to success

The cornerstone for the making of an authentic corporate culture is the development of a mission statement, i.e. the definition of vision, mission and values. It gives the company a solid basic structure and a clear identity.

The mission statement should inform the outside world and provide internal guidance. The goal is to transform the employee from an interested person into a participant. Through a clear corporate mission statement, they understand the purpose of their work. Its significance is the best source of motivation for everyone.

An effective corporate culture means that everyone involved can identify with the purpose of the company, because it is tangible to them and has been broken down at all levels. Motivation therefore comes from within. There is aspiration rather than pressure.


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