Employer Branding

"Employer branding takes place regardless of whether you want it to happen or not, and regardless of whether you are aware of it. It is a design process whereby you can decide whether it is taken out of your hands and made by others, or whether you control it yourself.” (Radermacher 2013)

An employer's mark cannot simply be decreed. It requires many small steps, a willingness to rethink, and rethink the leadership role and long-term strategy. It is precisely here where we support you.

Facts and Figures

With the relaunch after the Covid19 crisis, it is essential that every step and every business decision is taken with the support of employees. This makes it even more important to have the right people on board. It makes a big difference whether an employee contributes to the reconstruction and is motivated to move forward or not.

Competition between companies will therefore continue, mainly through the fight for the best, and this also means for the right employees.

The right employees for a company are those who best fit the company and the business. They must be found and identified, because these employees are motivated and efficient.

The shortage of skilled labour will remain an issue despite everything, also due to demographic developments.

Smart and talented people are looking for companies with an attractive employer brand. They identify with it, are loyal to it, speak well of it and, without being questioned, ensure a positive image of your company.

Way to Success

Employer branding is about strategy, approach and mindset. A process that involves the entire company developed in particular, through corporate culture and achieved through internal and external communication. A positive employer image also has a lasting effect on customers!

Employer branding is more than just a simple marketing of the employer's brand. It is a strategy based on two main pillars. On the one hand, the employees of the company and on the other hand, the candidates and thus the labour market, i.e. the candidates and talents.

By investing in a strong employer brand, a success-oriented corporate culture is created; the right specialists and talents are attracted - with a sustainable return on investment and a significant reduction in recruitment costs.

Existing employees identify with the company. They are motivated and feel responsible for the success of the company. The willingness to perform increases. Motivated employees are the driving force behind a successful company.


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