Being a leader is about inspiring others. In order to do that, leaders need to be able to speak with conviction, with belief and with heart and soul about what they are trying to create. This requires them to be true to what they stand for and inspire people around them.

Your ability to engage as a leader depends on your clarity around the following questions. Once you have this clarity, your answers will help guide your leadership journey as you go forward.

Reflect and answer the below questions:

  • What are your core values that underpin your life?
  • What are your beliefs around people and performance that are constantly shaping you are being and what you are doing?
  • What are the things in your life (beyond work) that are really important to you?
  • What is your purpose as a leader?

Let your intuition guide you.

Usually, the answers that come first are the ones you are looking for.

The answers are shaping everything you do.

The answers give you your drive and inspire you to take action. You won’t be great leading things you don’t care about. Just think of a time when you have been leading something you did not fully believe in. How effective were you?

On your leadership journey you will suffer setbacks and disappointments, you may have moments when you want to give up. So why do you keep going? Because “what you’re up to” matters to you. Because you care.

Having the clarity on what you care about is the starting point of your leadership journey and then it is about using what’s important to you to inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more.